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Did You know:

+ THE most powerful, pleasurable & prosperous relationship you could ever cultivate is the one between you & you?

+ when you create your life from your purest INNER re-source, your life & LOVE is ridiculously rewarding

+ solutions, short-cuts & soul-satisfaction come most easily through an aligned life,

Helping passionate people cultivate emotional CONFIDENCE,


for deeply connected, soul-satisfying life & love. 

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After a lifetime of studying human behavior and relationships in all

their various forms, as well as forever being at the mercy and effect of

everyone and everything outside of me to determine my worth, my value,

my love-ability, my power, my choices, and yes, even my voice, I finally had

to stop running from the one thing that was the key to my total freedom

and undeniable ecstasy.

My name is Rhonda Burns and as a Spiritual Teacher & Relationship Coach, I help passionate individuals re-establish their innate power, pleasure & soul-satisfying fulfillment by mastering their most sovereign and reverent relationship - the one with themselves.  

The world is fast to tell us how to do what, when, where, why and give us all the "should's", but the only decisions, choices, actions and strategies that really matter, and that truly create peaceful, yet powerful outcomes with a level of grace and elegance are the ones that are inspired through our own alignment and intuitively-inspired guidance. Choosing to know, love & trust ourselves and our divine connection - above all else - truly makes us reverent leaders with an undeniable ability to love others extraordinarily well.

Are you the leader, the lover and the answer you've been seeking all your life? 

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