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Helping passionate, powerful, prestigious men create relationships that actually work for them, so they can have legendary, satisfying, whole-life success.

Welcome, Gorgeous.

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After a lifetime of studying human behavior and relationships in all

their various forms, the primary questions that emerge from deep

within me throughout my observations are:

"Where's the reverence?"

"Who's helping men?"

"How can I help?"


My name is Rhonda Burns and as a Men's Relationship Transformation Coach, Mentor & Advocate for Reverent Relationships, I assist passionate, powerful, prestigous men (& anyone courageous enough to say "I'll have that too") create relationships that actually work for them, so they can have legendary, satisfying whole-life success.  

AKA: I meet you where you are and I help walk you to the rendezvous points where you get to rectify everything in the way of you having what you truly desire, in ways that actually work best for y-o-u.

Ultimately - the Reverent Relationship we cultivate with ourselves is where it all begins; and that's where I come in. 

So...WHY Reverence?


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